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Restored Artwork

We take great pride in the range of conservation and restoration services we provide for our clients both nationally and internationally. Get in touch with Jane Maguire Fine Art Conservation near Shrewsbury if you'd like our opinion or guidance on what can be achieved on your piece of artwork. 

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Artwork restoration

Our conservation and restoration work can bring out the integrity of the original piece, in some cases, rediscovering their original splendour. Our meticulous team of specialists can undertake every element of cleaning and/or conservation work to ensure your piece of restored artwork can continue to look its very best, and be appreciated for many more years to come. 

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Do you have any artwork that needs restoring?

For all restored artwork services, including conservation or restoration, contact Jane Maguire Fine Art Conservation near Shrewsbury. Our experienced team will be happy to discuss your requirements in greater detail. 

01743 884460 / 07565 656306

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